5 Ways to Cite Sources in your Assignment

Scored low in your last assignment? Unable to judge the reason for low scoring considering you did extensive research and efficient work? Well, we understand that you might have done excellent work and even submitted your work on time. But still, you scored low, then the key reason behind this might be your citations. References or bibliography or citations are a crucial part of. An assignment is never complete unless you have developed a list of citations at the end of it and even in-texted them well. There are always separate marks for correct citations. If you do poor citations, then it leads to low scores and even penalties in certain cases. So this blog post is about citing sources appropriately. We help you understand how you should cite sources in your assignment.

Cite your Sources

  • Note all the sources for developing a list at the end: The first step you need to do is to note down all the sources side by side while you research such that you do not miss out on any crucial source. You can mention all the sources on a separate page to keep a note of it.
  • Mark the space for putting citation: The second step is to put the space for the citation. This ensures that you do not forget putting a citation to an appropriate place.
  • Know the proper format of the source: The third step is to know the proper format of the sources. There are several formats of putting sources including APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc. Every university follows a different format for putting citations. You need to ensure that you follow the right format for citations such that you can get marks for it.
  • Proof-read your citations well: It is crucial for you to proof-read your paper well. But proof-reading is not just confined to the content of the paper. It is crucial to proof-read your citations also, as you may end up doing wrong citations and realise it when you are cross-checking. Hence, proof-reading is extremely crucial for your citations to be correct.
  • Take help from your tutor: It is possible that you might not be aware of the citations. However, in such cases, it is crucial to take help from the tutors. You can ask your tutor for the correct way to put citations. It is possible that you might not put the citations effectively so your tutor can be your saviour. Your tutor can provide you with an example of how it should be done. You can do the rest of the citations then.

To conclude, citations are crucial for developing an appropriate paper. An assignment is efficient, but if it has poor citations, then it leads to low scores. As an undergraduate and postgraduate student, definitely ensure that you can score good marks. Never underestimate the importance of citations in your assignment, since these are extremely important.

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