Growing Demand of Petroleum Engineers in Australia

Engineering is a technical term used for describing a field involving machines, structures, roads, infrastructure etc. the field of engineering is extremely broad and there are tremendous types of careers available for the people who are interested in it. People usually do a specialisation in engineering so that they can make a successful career in it. A branch of engineering which is getting immense popularity is Petroleum Engineering. It is the field of engineering which deals with engineering products. In specific, petroleum engineering deals with working in drilling sites so that they can produce and explore petroleum products, including petrol and oil.

Scope of Petroleum Engineering

Several oil and gas companies in Australia need skilled and knowledgeable petroleum engineers and professionals who can effectively work in production and exploration of the petroleum products. However, Engineers are expected to pursue specialised petroleum degrees so that they can effectively establish their career in the field. It ends petroleum education to have knowledge of working with petrol, gas and oil. There is a need for the people seeking petroleum engineering to have knowledge of subjects including physics, geology, drilling, economics, artificial lift systems, reservoir engineering, etc.

petroleum engineering

As per the data retrieved from an authentic Australian website, it is observed that Petroleum engineering is extremely in demand in the country. On average, a Petroleum Engineer earns as much as $179,021 per year. The companies in Australia look for both female and male professionals in the field. So it is not a gender-specific profession. Because this profession is so well paid in Australia, students across the world seek to pursue it and look forward to amazing job opportunities in Australia. However, the role of a petroleum engineer is extremely technical due to which he has to pursue proper education to gain the job role.

Responsibilities of a Petroleum Engineer

A petroleum engineer handles the successful extraction of oil, gas and other minerals from the drilling sites. Their job can be physically challenging as well due to which they have to ensure that they take proper training for pursuing it.

A petroleum engineer handles:

●     Effective analysis of the geological data

●     Understanding the results from the records developed by them about a drilling website

●     Understanding the extraction risks

●     Understanding the planning and effective managing of the extraction site

●     Choosing the extraction equipment and tools and maintaining it

●     Understanding the performance of the reservoir

●     Developing production programmes effectively.

Nature of job for Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers work on the field and even offside for fulfilling the job role explained in the above section. However, the jobs for petroleum engineers in Australia are showed on the website of the oil and gas companies and also on the national newspapers effectively. Petroleum engineers are expected to work in teams and show efficient problem-solving skills so that they can manage the dynamic situations effectively. They are also expected to show the ability to work under pressure.