The Significance of World University Rankings 2019

The world rankings are critical for the students who wish to study in institutions that are recognised. It is vital for the students to ensure that they choose reputed universities when making the decision to study abroad. There are several factors that one should consider when making the decision. These factors may include world university rankings, the reputation of the university, accreditation of the university, success rate and availability of different courses. Amongst all these courses, one of the crucial factors in world university rankings. It is the measure of the ability of the university and the success rate of the university in the past years.

The world university rankings are given by reputed institutions such as Times Higher Education. There are different factors considered when the world rankings are given to universities including teaching, knowledge transfer, international outlook, and research. The experts use different performance indicators to provide comprehensive and proper comparisons. Hence, the credibility of the rankings is trusted by all stakeholders including students, universities, governments and other stakeholders.

It concerns as far as the rankings of the universities in 2019, the top two universities in the list are from the UK. This has happened for the first time that two universities that have topped the list are from the UK. The University of Oxford is the top university in the world and this has happened for the second time. The second university is Cambridge University, which was earlier in the fourth position but moved to the second position now. It is interesting to note that the European universities are ranked best universities and they occupy positions in the first 200 universities. Some famous countries include Italy, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

In fact, Chinese universities have shown a huge rise and these are also ranked above in the list. This shows that Asia is also boosting its higher education systems and welcoming students from foreign countries to pursue their education. This It also reflects this by the results in recent years. So, now you are clear about the world university rankings of 2019.

However, always consider it as crucial criteria when making the decision to choose the university for yourself. As stated above, some other factors considered by the students are as follows.

  • Recognition of the institution in the world
  • The success rate of the institution in previous years
  • Tie-ups of the institution with multinational companies
  • Placement of the institutions at the end of the course
  • Teaching methods of the institutions
  • The teacher-student ratio in the institution
  • Scope of your course in future

These are factors you should consider when making the decision for the right university. It is vital to pick the university which has a course meeting your interests and also provide you with a huge scope.

To conclude, Times Higher Education publishes world university rankings 2019. You should definitely consider these rankings when making the decision for your university.

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