Creativity and Empathy are the New Desired Skills

With technology in this high-tech era, courses like automation and AI are gaining importance over the skill set and market demands. Since the demand for such technical skills is more, other skills like creativity are not getting their due credit and impacting the education, skills. Such ignorance to students who have enriched sense of creativity and uniqueness are not getting stronger exposure or platform to get their talent acknowledged. So, the primary question or concerns that rest with their universities is to ensure that students grab and equip themselves with the right skill set to succeed in a market that is recurrently changing jobs.

As explained above, since technology is a driving force behind all the changes, a government that keeps the curriculum designed must also include Soft subjects along with Stem subjects (it refers as “hard skills”). So, for students who have better “soft skills” get a share of disadvantage and are demoted since they miss the important curriculum must-haves that suit their specific skill set. Gradually, it has become an assumption and now a strong belief that technical skill sets are of high importance and much more beneficial to graduates. As a surprising fact, going by the research figures, they have proven that there is a huge employment industry for students who have great soft skills and wish to carve a career in the same. Quoting popular brands offering large-scale employment opportunities, Soft skills are in great demand. As an illustration, even Google cites leadership potential creativity, and communication skills are included in the employee that is a must in all potential and current employees.

Researches also show that many students who have better skills are often employed at jobs that are not the perfect match for them. However, technical skills like coding, testing can be taught to students but soft skills are much more niche and take time to develop, and often inherited by employees naturally. Imbibing soft skills like empathy, creativity and a better way of communication helps the students to adapt to change more seamlessly and develop enhanced know-how of people who exist around them.

This no way indicates the fact that technical skills are easy and come without any effort to a persona but it is more acknowledgeable that curriculum must be placed equal so that students who feel confident at soft subjects must get an equal employment opportunity and credit. The basic outline of omission is that our education systems have till date did not provide that equality to both genres of subjects. While Hard skills are quantifiable, students find it easy to get a job whereas students with soft skills face a tougher time in evaluation before they get a placement. Even though they own nice and more polished skills, they find it difficult to portray or showcase their potential and often employment matching their skill set is also available in less numb with no greater money lures.

So, students, today must also be coached and guided to adapt to soft skills wherein they must be given due training on softer aspects like how to become a great mentor, ways to follow better communication and to be a great listener, develop the talent of critical thinking and problem-solving. Offering them a subject that can nurture their natural talent is a supreme expectation from the current education system which is still missing equality and is more bent towards various stem subjects.

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