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What is Strategic Management?

Strategic Management is a branch of management that is related to developing a strategic vision, planning and implementing strategies, setting our objectives, and introducing corrective measures to fulfil the strategic intent of an organization. Its objectives are:

  • Gain a competitive advantage to outperform your competitors for achieving dominance in the market
  • Performing as a guide to an organization and help to survive the changes happening in the business environment

The changes show the changes in an internal environment that are introduced by managers including the changes in business procedures, policies, and many more. It also includes the changes happening in the external environment such as changes in the rules of the government, changes in the tastes and preferences of customers,

Importance of Strategic Management

The importance of Strategic Management is discussed in our Strategic Management Assignment Help:

  • It guides a company for moving in a particular direction. Strategic Management defines the goals of an organization and states the objectives that are in alignment with the vision of an organization.
  • It performs like a foundation regarding the major decisions of a company.
  • It helps a company to become proactive instead of reactive and make it analyze the competitors’ actions and also take necessary steps for competing in the market rather than becoming spectators.
  • It tries to prepare an organization to meet future challenges and also plays a vital role to explore opportunities and identify ways to achieve the opportunities.
  • It helps in developing the competitive advantage and strengths and helps in the growth and survival of a business.
  • It ensures the survival of a firm for the long-term and coping with competition along with surviving in a dynamic environment.

The basic aim of strategic management is gaining sustained competitiveness. This is possible through the development and implementation of these strategies.

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