Take 10 Easy Steps to get Over Exam Stress

It is seen that most of the students suffer from stress before the examination. It is normal to experience a little of tension or feeling nervous but if the student feels too much anxiety or unable to concentrate on their studies or suffer from fast heartbeat, headache or nausea then it is a matter to worry about. There may be several reasons for experiencing this kind of stress such as low motivation level, lack of preparation, high expectations from other people, competition from peers, So to combat the stress it is necessary to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Create a personal study plan and read accordingly: One of the main reasons for the stress is the lack of preparation. If you are prepared enough and know the topics well, you will miss no point. Hence, it is essential to put initial effort and create a personal study plan at the beginning and read daily as per the routine. If you were sincere enough throughout the course curriculum, you will never feel too nervous.
  • Get enough sleep: Another important reason for the stress is the lack of a sound sleep. It is mostly seen that students try to read hard before the examination compromising the proper night sleep. Instead, if they read regularly throughout the year, they will not require burning the midnight oil before the examination and can get enough opportunity to sleep properly at night. It is necessary to have a complete 6-8 hours sleep in the night before the examination day.
  • Meditation: Meditation can play a great role in combating stress. If you practice meditation twice every day it will also help you concentrate on your studies. Meditation can help you improve both your mental and physical health and it can reduce pre-exam stress to a great extent. You should practice meditation only under expert supervision.
  • Eating dark chocolate: In a recent research study, it was found that eating dark chocolate is highly beneficial in reducing stress. In dark chocolate, 70% of cocoa is present which can enhance cortisol hormone in the human body that helps in fighting with exam stress. Apart from that, dark chocolate also helps in releasing endorphins which can act as a natural stress fighter in the human body.
  • Detach from social media network during studies: Checking Facebook, Instagram or other social media status during the studies waste your time. So it is very important to detach yourself while reading.
  • Listen to classical or soft music: Listening classical or soft music can elevate your mood and encourage you to study for a longer time. Classical or soft music can create a positive and entertaining environment which can lessen your stress level.
  • Reduce your sugar intake: The more you increase your sugar intake the more stressed you will feel. When you remain stressed the adrenal gland used to release cortisol which helps in managing the reducing stress. But a high level of sugar intake can largely affect the adrenal gland.
  • Get some sunlight every day: Exposure to sunlight for 5 to 15 minutes every day can increase the serotonin level of your body. This serotonin level will largely help the body reduce the stress level.
  • Think of happy memories: When you feel stresses think of some happy memories that can make you smile. Smiling can release serotonin which will help to reduce your stress.
  • Reduce your phone usage: You should not use the phone too much as it not only causes stress but can have a negative impact on your mental health. Too much use of social media can make your central nervous system too much stressed which not good for your mental health as also studies.

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