Reflective Analysis | Sample Assignment of Management


The purpose of this reflection is to analyze the content I have learned in last three weeks and how it can help me grow professionally. The three modules that I studied included organizations, challenges faced by them, motivation and communication. These moduleshave helped me get many skills that I can use at my future workplace to cope with the dynamic business situations. The key skills that I have acquired from these modules include leadership skills, management skills and time-management skills. All these skills are vital for me as I want to take up managerial and leadership roles in future.


What is in the content and why is this topic important?

As there were three modules so the content for all these were different. The first module helped me learn about organisation and different types of organisations that exist. Earlier, I was not sure about different organisations that can exist but with this module, I have been able to learn about different types of organisations. Besides this, this module also helped me learn about the role of management and how there are several challenges that can develop for the managers (Geithner& Menzel, 2016). As industries are competitive so there can be many situations in front of managers where they have to evaluate various options and take decisions (DeMatthews, 2016). This topic is significant as if I want to become a competent manager, I should be aware of the type of organisations and how to cope with different challenges.

Another module which I studied was motivation, influence and power and politics. These topics are significant as managers must have appropriate knowledge about different motivation strategies. The managers need to keep their workforce motivated. The last module which I had studied included communication, conflict and negotiation. It is crucial for the managers to be communicative so that they can build competent teams (Johns, 2016). Also, they must be aware of different conflict strategies. The managers must be aware of these strategies so that they can resolve problems between the teams in an appropriate way (Farrell, 2017). This module also gave me knowledge about the use of negotiation strategy in conflict resolution. This can help in ensuring that the managers are competent enough to handle the teams.

Leadership skills will help me become efficient leader and not just play managerial roles. Management skills will help me manage the tough and challenging business situations well. Time-management skills will help me manage multiple situations effectively.

How is the topic relevant to you?

These topics I have learnt during the modules were relevant to me as I want to be a manager or a leader in a Multinational Company. This can only be possible if I have knowledge and skills to manage the ever-changing business situations. As a result of this, these topics can be extremely helpful for my professional growth in future.

What has been your past experience in this topical area?

Before doing these modules, I did not have much knowledge about types of organisations, importance of motivation and different motivation strategies and conflict management. However, after I have studied these modules, I have been able to grasp these topics in an effective manner.

What have you learnt from the content so far and how will you use it in the remainder of the subject or in your workplace?

The content of these modules will be extremely beneficial for me in my future. My long-term aim for life is to become a manager in a Multinational company. Therefore, the topics I have studied in this module will help me acquire my long-term aim. Also, I will be able to use my skills to handle dynamic and competitive business situations. However, I am aware of the fact that these skills are not enough to become a competent leader or a manager due to which I look forward to honing my skills.


To conclude, it can be indicated that the modules have helped me get three key skills that I can use as a manager. These include leadership skills, time-management skills and management skills. For a manager, he has to play multiple roles to manage his teams, so leadership skills are vital. Besides this, the manager should also have proper time-management skills such that he can manage different tasks and deliver projects within stipulated deadlines. I have been able to acquire these skills from these three modules. The third skill which I have acquired is time-management skill, which is about managing time for the managers. As managers will need to handle various projects at one time so time-management is extremely crucial. Hence, these three modules have been extremely important for me as I have learnt a lot.


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