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Date: 5/05/2023


Subject: My Conflict Management Style


As per the assessment I have done, my results indicate that I often use collaborating conflict management strategy. I think this result is very close to being true as I am quite adaptive and cope with the conflicts well. I believe in having open conversation with an individual with whom I feel I have conflicts. I cannot keep conflicts to myself and do not believe in keeping grudges due to which if I have something hard about anyone, I choose to discuss and resolve rather than keeping it to myself.

I think collaborative is the best conflict management style. This is due to the fact that this style does not need that an individual keeps his self-respect at stake. When an individual collaborates with another, it leads to open discussions that can be healthy. Although there may be certain conversations that can be heated but I believe in having healthy discussions with someone who has a conflict with me. However, for someone with whom I feel that discussion would not be possible, I choose to stay quiet and do not get along with that individual. I just want to improve my collaborations with others during conflicts so that I keep healthy conversations.

I have known people who had entirely opposite conflict management styles than me. Dealing with a person who has competing or avoiding conflict management style is tough as they aim to dominate or just leave the conversations. Hence, staying calm in such situations becomes extremely necessary for me.