HRM Challenge faced by Hewlett-Packard | Sample Assignment

Identifying and Describing one HRM Challenge of the Company in the Country/Region

The focus of the essay is to discuss one HRM challenge faced by Hewlett-Packard Company in India. The aim is to discuss why it is a challenge to the company and how it can manage it. Recruitment is a key HRM challenge faced by HP in India. It is vital for the HR teams to recruit and select the most talented people in the organisations. Recruitment is considered to be a challenge as it is difficult to employ best and talented candidates in teams who can match the requirements of the positions. If the HR managers do not employ talented candidates, then the overall teams can be inefficient and unable to meet the needs of the business industry. Hence, recruitment is a key challenge for the companies. For HP in India, the MNC faces a lot of problems during recruitment. This is due to the fact that it is tough to discover the right candidate from a pool full of unqualified talent. The options are limited and choosing the best person for a position which requires high skills and knowledge is a challenge. Hence, the country needs to adopt an appropriate approach to carry recruitment in its Indian market and try to hire the right people from a small pool of qualified talent (Singh, 2017).

Studies have indicated that there are million candidates in India who look for jobs for them (Peck & Wong, 2015). However, finding skilled people remains a challenge in Indian market. This is due to lack of hands-on education given to Indian students in their colleges and Universities. They are knowledgeable but they are not market-ready due to which companies like HP face huge trouble (Singh, 2017). Due to the fact that million job seekers enter the job market per annum, it is quite challenging for the HR team of companies like HP to find the right candidates for their requirements.

Explaining why this is a challenge to the company in the country/region

Recruitment is a challenge in Indian market for companies like HP due to shortage of skilled and talented people and availability of million job seekers whose skills might not match the skills for the vacant position (Kumar & Puranam, 2012). As HP requires professionals who can cater to the specific needs of the business so Indian candidates may be unable to do so due to lack of training and hands-on practice in their universities and colleges. There is a need for the company to reform its recruitment strategies and systems for its Indian market. Research has indicated that India is not short of skilled people, but the key challenge remains to find the skilled labour from a pool of candidates (Peck & Wong, 2015). Therefore, the focus has to be on revising the recruitment strategies in India by considering the challenges faced by the company in the country. The focus has to be given on screening the skilled people and getting them on-board to meet the specific needs of the business.


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