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Marketing remains a vast field, as we have discussed already in many of our blogs. It is an integrated business activity in an organisation concerned with buying and selling a product/service. There are various methods adopted for carrying out marketing, including advertisements, news releases, SEO writing, blogging, etc. With marketing, the organisations can get the focus on their target audience and develop the right strategies. However, marketing mix remains an important concept in marketing. When developing the right marketing strategies, the marketers develop a marketing mix. Universities give huge importance to the marketing mix for their marketing courses.

What is a marketing mix?

A marketing mix is a critical tool that enables marketers to have best 4p’s marketing practices. The concept is used to explain different strategies. An organisation can use the marketing mix to ensure that an appropriate strategy is developed to target the right audience. Marketing mix includes four key P’s. These include product, price, place and promotion. The elements of the marketing mix are interlinked to each other and help in strategy development.

  • Product: A key element of the marketing mix is a product, which is the good or service being sold to the consumers. Products and services are developed so that they can match the needs of the people. When developing the products, the key things that are considered by the marketers include expectations of the target customers, features of the products/services, use of products/services, colours, sizes and services.
  • Price: Another key element of the marketing mix is price, which is the cost that the customer has to pay for buying a particular product or a service. The price of the product/service is developed using different strategies. These strategies include penetration, neutral pricing, and market skimming. After analysing all the costs used for developing the product, a price is decided for it. For this, marketers consider things like production cost and price expectation of the target audience.
  • Promotional activities: The third element is promotion, which includes targeting customers with the right marketing channels. Marketers use promotional techniques, such as advertisements, social media marketing, TV, print, etc. The sales of the product depend on its promotional strategy. Hence, it is vital that the right promotional strategy is taken up.
  • Place: The fourth element is placed in the marketing mix. It is the location of the product or service. The marketers need to ensure that the place is accessible to the customers so that they do not have to search for it and may switch the brand. Hence, the place is critical in ensuring the efficiency of the marketing mix.

These are 4P’s of the marketing mix that should be taken care of by the marketers. Assignments related to the marketing mix are extremely common for marketing students, as they should have a knowledge of this significant marketing mix for their future job. You need to ensure that you have knowledge of the application marketing mix.


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