Difference Between Basic And Applied Research

A research approach is usually classified into two categories. These are basic and applied. There are many departure and meeting points based on these approaches and every single researcher needs to discern accurately.

A short brief on basic and applied research

The approach of basic research is solely based on theories. It aims to improve or evolve the knowledge base of a specific study. Simply put, it is a form of pure research with a systematic investigation. There are several systems in place. Which system would be the best depends on the subject and the type of investigation.

Applied research focuses on extracting practical solutions, considering a particular problem. Applied research directly considers the problem without going into many elementary matters. The pattern of research employs empirical methodologies. It investigates the outcomes of basic researches to validate the findings and thereafter, applies them to come up with innovative solutions. This Short brief is provided by OnlineAssignmentsHelp.com


Differences between basic and applied researches


As said earlier, applied research focuses on finding practical solutions, while basic research is all about expanding knowledge. This means, applied research is based on action and the other counterpart is based on analytical and explanatory features. Basic research is solution-specific and not concerned with the application of research findings, which is the work of applied research.


Basic research helps in bringing in a new set of knowledge as it focuses on expanding the field of study. It gives a new aspect of an existing concept or develops a completely new concept. However, in terms of applied research, it cannot discover new knowledge. It only focuses on solving existing problems by applying knowledge. As per basic research findings, they handle breakthroughs. Now, applied research findings are mainly useful when solving a particular set of research problems. This means basic research is universal, and applied research is limited.


Basic research is an example of curiosity, and applied research is steered by clients as basic research is conducted for understanding the fundamental concepts while the latter is conducted to solve a group or individual’s problems.


Basic research is universal, as it may be conducted for a diverse range of concepts. Applied research is not universal as it directs to certain problems.


The future of basic research is to find out the upcoming phenomena. Applied research seeks to avoid predicted problems and even bring up special solutions eyeing future challenges. The former eyes on the usual happenings while the latter goes beyond the usual perspective as it comes up with probable actions.


When compare with basic research, applied research is usually linked to the improvement of technology. This is because applied research covers the direct application of knowledge.

Health sector

Applied research is an excellent tool for health and medical practitioners for developing evidence-based solutions for eliminating various health problems. Basic research helps the same set of people to gain insights into various health problems like the symptoms and origin of certain diseases and infections. This can be further useful for developing the perfect cure for a specific condition.


Applied research when compared with basic research, is more closely connected to the economy’s development. This happens as several experiments, case studies, and surveys are conducted for verifying the efficacy of market strategies, products, and other economical procedures.

It is crucial for researchers to thoroughly understand the differences and similarities between basic and applied research methods. As mentioned earlier, the primary differences are the purpose or achievement of the research.

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