A Comprehensive Guide to SPSS Statistical Package for Social Sciences

Nowadays, students are required to use different software for doing their assignments. Using this software can be typical for some students who have either missed classes or do not have proper knowledge of using them. One such commonly used software is SPSS, which is used for social sciences assignments. SPSS is software used for purposes like editing and analysis of different data. The data can be sourced from different sources like scientific research, the database of customers, servers, Google analytics, etc. The software can open many file formats used for structured data like spreadsheets, plain text files, relational databases and SAS.


Not only students but the software is used by researchers in different fields including market, health, survey, government, education, marketing, data miners etc for collecting data for carrying out different researches. Even top agencies use the SPSS statistical package to conduct the survey data and fetch it to get the most out of the research. Students who heard about SPSS recently might not understand its benefits. However, this software is extremely beneficial for researchers. Let’s discuss some benefits of this software.

  • Powerful tool: SPSS is a highly efficient tool for managing the survey data. The tool is used to manipulate the data effectively. You will be amazed to know that online data gathered using Alchemy can also be exported to SPSS for carrying out its detailed analysis.
  • Highly flexible tool: Another benefit of SPSS is that it is a highly flexible and customisable way to interpret complex data sets. The researchers can determine trends and develop efficient conclusions in the tool. The tool can adapt to various requirements of the researcher.
  • Carrying out diverse functions: The third key benefit of using SPSS software is that it is used for carrying out plenty of functions such as hypothesis testing, ANOVA, factor analysis, forecasting. All these functions are done automatically and the user only has to select relevant variables. SPSS helps in fulfilling all the objectives.
  • Easy to use: Researchers do not need to have high knowledge when using SPSS. They can put very little effort into using this tool and still be able to gather a large amount of data. The time needed for data analysis using SPSS is very less when compared to any tool. So it’s easy to use and quick.

These are some benefits of using SPSS tools. SPSS is not the only tool used for getting data. There is other popular software that researchers can use. When SPSS has certain limitations, other software packages are used. For instance, with time series analysis, there are few capabilities offered by the software. So, in that case, MATLAB can be used, especially in the case of mathematical requirements. Hence, it can be shown the software packages should be used based on the subject like MATLAB is suitable for mathematics while it used SPSS for social sciences.

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