A Comprehensive Guide to IEEE Citation

References or citations are synonyms for each other. Referencing is providing evidence for supporting the claims in the assignment or any research. It enables you to acknowledge the author or the writers who have originally done the work. Universities are very strict about citations in the assignments. There are extra marks allocated to referencing. If you cannot reference your assignment well, you can lose significant marks. Hence, citations are critical for an assignment.

Here are some reasons why referencing/citations are extremely critical.

  • Citations help in increasing the accuracy of the work. Tutors can use the reference to verify and check the facts. This can help in achieving high marks and increasing the authenticity of the paper.
  • Citations help in strengthening the research and being an excellent researcher. With citations, one can manage the details well and include a lot of key details. This can help in ensuring the accuracy of facts.
  • Citations help in making the assignment extremely scientific. When you can compile many sources together, it can cause making your research authentic.
  • Citations help in ensuring verification of the work. This helps in increasing the credibility of the work.

So, by now, you should be clear that citations are extremely critical. However, there are different citations. One of the basic citation types is IEEE.

What is IEEE?

IEEE is an acronym used by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It is a referencing style that uses citation numbers in the paper text that are provided in proper square brackets. In IEEE, an effective corresponding reference is given at the end of the assignment writing.

A Comprehensive Guide to IEEE Citation

The in-text citations numbers start with the reference being in square brackets, and these continue in increasing order. This is done until the author is referring to a source that is cited in your research paper. Every in-text citation number is properly enclosed in square brackets. It appears on the lines of text and there is a space before the bracket. In IEEE, the in-text citations are differently done, in case there are direct quotes, taken from a book, website or any other online source.

There are two ways in which IEEE can acknowledge the information source.

  • The first way is numbering proper in-text citations.
  • The second way is to develop a reference list at the end of the paper which should have all the citations in alphabetical order.

How is IEEE different from other styles?

IEEE is a different referencing style because of many reasons.

  • The first reason is that the reference list in IEEE is never in alphabetical order. It should be listed in how citations appear in the assignment.
  • The second reason is that when a source is done by many authors, then during the in-text, there should be one name along with et al.
  • The third reason is that the periodicals and conference titles have proper abbreviations.

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