A Comprehensive Guide to Grammar in Assignments

Grammar is crucial for students in their academic assignments. Many students overlook the significance of grammar in their assignments and get low scores. If you are one of those, then you have always wondered that despite addressing all questions, why did you score low. So, the probable reason for that could be grammar. You might have failed to use proper grammar due to which you have lost marks. You must never neglect using the right grammar as it can lead to even failure in certain cases. However, we understand that you can face problems mastering grammar. Hence, we have developed a simple guide for you so that you can be clear with the basics.

Use of Articles

Articles including ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’ are commonly used by us. However, we are sure that you might not know its correct usage. You have been using articles because others use them. So, understanding when to use these articles before a noun is vital. There is no key rule to use an article. However, ‘a’ is used when you are showing single, while ‘an’ is used when the noun starts with a vowel. Another key article, ‘the’ is used when it is about a unique aim. There can be many rules for using the articles correctly. So, you need ample practice. You can know when and where to use articles when you have practised hard.

Use of punctuation

Another area where you can face an enormous problem is punctuation. Many of you might consider it easy but we are sure that you would not know its correct usage. Punctuation is crucial for written speech. This helps the reader to understand well. If you want your tutor to understand your assignment writing well so you should focus on punctuation. When you overlook punctuation, it will lead to an inefficient assignment. Also, if the punctuation in the paragraph is wrong, it can lead to the wrong understanding. So, your tutor can get confused and you end up losing marks. For instance, you should know where and when to use a comma. Since using a comma in the wrong place can change the meaning of the complete sentence. Therefore, you should know the correct usage of punctuation including comma, semicolons, etc.

Use of Subject-Verb Agreement

Another key grammar is to use subject-verb agreement. The verb should be changed based on the subject. For instance, when the subject is single, there should be a single verb used. A single verb usually has ‘s’ while a plural verb does not. You should focus on using the right form of verb so you should determine the subject.

Use of preposition

A preposition is a crucial part of speech. You can often overlook the use of a preposition at the right place. Prepositions can include in, on, under, after along, etc. However, you should know when and where to use prepositions. You may have been using prepositions with no knowledge, but this rule does not always succeed. So, when you practice, you learn the correct use of prepositions. The more you practice, the better you understand the correct use of prepositions.

So, these are some basic rules of grammar that you should know. There are advanced rules also, but you should be thorough with these basic ones first. Once you understand these rules and understand their application, your grammar will improve considerably. We assure you can make grammatically correct assignments and never lose marks.

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