A Comprehensive Guide to Different Essay Formats—MLA, APA, and Chicago Styles

If you are an international student, then submitting assignments might be the biggest stress for you right now. You have to focus on a lot of things at once; studies, assignments, and work. It can get hectic and challenging to give time to assignments. Generally, an essay is a common type of assignment expected by the majority of universities. At least once, you’ll have to submit an essay for your course. Essays might seem easy, but they can be extremely challenging if not understood well. This blog is about understanding the right essay format when using different referencing styles, including MLA, APA, and Chicago styles. All styles are not the same, and there are significant differences between them.

MLA Essay

As this is the first page of an MLA essay, you need to add course details and details of other members.

Margins: There should be proper margins in an MLA paper.

In an MLA paper, there needs to be double spacing between text throughout.

By default, the standard font which can be chosen is Times, New Roman.

Page numbers: There should be page numbers given on every heading.

MLA papers should have proper footnotes.

References: A reference list is given at the end. However, this section is titled “Work Cited.”

APA Essay

The title page should have important information like your name and course details.

Margins: The text should have a hanging indent.

There should be double space and no extra spaces.

A key font to be chosen includes Times New Roman.

Page numbers: There should be page numbers on every page.

An APA paper doesn’t require any footnotes.

References: An APA paper should have references at the end. All references should be properly in-text in the essay.

Chicago Essay

This page is the first page, which has details like the course number, teacher’s name, and data written at the end of the page.

Margins: There should be at least a 1-inch margin on the right side.

There should be double space and no extra spaces.

Two fonts can be chosen, including Times New Roman or Arial.

Page numbers: You should indicate the page number in the heading on every page.

Footnotes: There should be proper footnotes.

References: There should be references at the end that have been used to gather information.


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